Have you ever sat in a work of art? If you've ever owned or admired an Italian-made chair, sofa or chaise, lamp, bookcase or other furnishing, then you'll know what we mean. There's a level of hand-made craftsmanship that rises above the rest - bar none. But, why is this? Because Itlaians have been refining their artisanal craft for more than 2,000 years to make that item the best it can be. That's a LOT of time spent to get it right and to deliver world-renowned quality and durability to your home.

“Made in Italy” is a concept but also a label that attests to the fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style that is internationally praised. Known globally for its high value, Made In Italy when related to furniture is a specific mix between craftsmanship and tradition together with the iconic Italian aesthetics, technology and innovation. Case in point, in the wood-furniture industry, Italy is second in the world for trade surplus and first in EU for export.

If you have any question about the fine art of the furniture-making, we invite you to stop by the exhibit at 1001 Woodward and see the beautiful furnishings for yourself. See the finishes. Admire the quality fabrics. Appreciate the attention to every detail - from stitching and materials used (including sustainable products) to design queues and functionality - Italians have it (and you) covered.

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