As the Eternal Innovator, Italy boasts endless designers and creatives that put modern spins on traditional crafts. One example – footwear! Italian shoemakers have held the reputation as being some of the best in the world for centuries. Let’s learn why:

Italy is known for high-end quality shoes, dating back to Ancient Rome. Then, a craftsman know as a “cordwainer” would use locally-sourced materials – especially leather – to create handmade shoes perfectly shaped for their wearer.

Now, Italy has over 5,000 footwear companies – with many focused on innovation and sustainability through advanced technologies, while remaining true to the artisanal heritage of the craft.

In 2020, Italy was the top footwear manufacturer in the European Union, and the 7th largest exporter worldwide! That’s a LOT of beautiful shoes.


An history of trend-setter

The Italian fashion industry is a creative hub for skills and craftsmanship based on centuries of history. Today Italian top brands still keep dictating trends and having a relevant impact on the global fashion market creative output.

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