Italy is the country in the European Union with the largest number of companies in the field of design (over 36,000), which offer employment to 63,000 people and generates added value of 2.94 billion euros.

Milan is the capital of design according to the numbers (with 18% of said added value and 14% of employees, and with the Salone del Mobile - one of the biggest design events in the world), quickly followed by Turin (which, like Detroit, is Italy’s UNESCO City of Design).


But why sustainability? Because furniture, packaging, automotive, clothing drive the demand for ecodesign in Italy. And sustainability and the ecological transition are one of the core values at the heart of Italian production.

The Italian circular economy sector is driven by the recycling industry: the country ranks first in terms of waste recycling rate – both urban and special - with 82.4%, as well as a network of companies specializing in reusing, repairing, rental and leasing activities.


Recycles find applications also in some of Made in Italy's most important manufacturing industries, such as Automotive, Furniture, Agriculture, Textiles and Clothing. It is estimated that 33% of total recycled waste was destinated for applications in the manufacturing industry.

We are leaders not just in “design for recycling” but also in “design for durability” and “design for disassembly”, so as to favor the process of repairability, recovery and recycling.

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