Italy is 3rd in the world for Specialization in Space Technologies and a European Leader in Earth Observation

Countries with the highest specialization in space technologies according to the Revealed Technology Advantage (RTA) index

Italy is third in the world in terms of level of specialization in space technologies (share of space-related patents in relation to the share of total patents), while it is fifth in absolute values, with a share of 4.1 percent. Our country is also fourth in the world in terms of export value of spacecraft (including satellites) and launch vehicles, with $130 million (2019). Amongst the many interesting projects coming online in this regard, Italy is building a unique satellite Earth observation system with which to measure the impact of climate change, monitor natural resource management.




According to the Italian Space Agency (ASI): Space has for some time become a pervasive superinfrastructure, by definition without boundaries, from which we seize new, intertwined opportunities every day. Space must therefore be approached as a ‘system of systems’ based on the integration of many factors, technologies and services, both from ‘Earthly’ sources and from space programmes themselves. This is the new Renaissance that will come from space, the Space Economy. It is a phenomenon with the potential to increase the €270 billion in global space economy revenue through a transition from manufacturing value chain to a servicebased value chain, which thanks to the internet can be propagated at a trivial cost. Satellite services will thus become a low-cost utility that can generate indirect revenue for companies capable of anticipating our society’s needs. Space technologies will have an increasing, positive influence on our lives.

(Retrieved from: nuova frontiera dell’economia oltre l’atmosfera terrestre, 2020)

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