Italy has a long tradition in the aerospace industry: it was the first country in the world to build a certified convertiplane for civilian use, was the third country in the world to launch a satellite into orbit, and more than half of the pressurized volume of the international module at the International Space Station was made in Italy.

Italy is the third country in the world in terms of the level of specialization in space technologies (share of space-related patents concerning the share of total patents), and the fifth in absolute values. Italy is home also to important Public R&D Centers enabling Italian enterprises to compete at high levels on the international markets.


On top of that, according to the G20 Government Space Budget, Italy is the 7th country in the world and the 1st country in Europe that invests the most in space in terms of share of GDP. Many foreign companies have already chosen Italy for their business activities and partnerships.

Italian companies, universities (Italy ranks amongst the top 10 countries for the number of citations in Aerospace engineering and Space and Planetary Science) and research centers actively participate in major international research programs, whose objectives for aeronautics are sustainability, eco-compatibility and digitalization.

And we also have a multi-modal logistic infrastructure that connects Italy to the main European aerospace countries and to extra-European markets.


Join us for a fireside chat with some of the movers and shakers in the Italian aerospace world and learn more about the innovation that they will be heralding in the near future.

A few topics covered will be Satellite technologies and space economy; Investments favoring the strengthening of the sector; and the implementation of an advanced and integrated monitoring and forecasting System and the digitalization of air traffic management.

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