Introducing The LoveITDetroit Exhibit - 2 ways to experience all the BEST

For the first time ever, the Consulate of Italy in Detroit will participate in Detroit Month of Design with LoveITDetroit.

September brings 30 days of completely uninhibited exploration, showcasing and demonstrating the works of some of the most influential Italian and Detroit leaders of industry, along with innovation themes as never before in a breathtaking physical environment designed by renowned Italian architect and designer, Roberto Palomba, ps+A.

To further astonish attendees, LoveITDetroit will also take place in the Metaverse, which will enable participants to engage and move freely through a carefully curated virtual space. Participants can enter the Metaverse at any time, from anywhere in the world by using their phone, computer or tablet. This unique experience provides plenty of new and interesting ways to explore LoveITDetroit in the virtual realm and at a different level from the physical exhibit located at 1001 Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

metaspace 2


For September 2022, at the vibrant beating heart of downtown Detroit and in simultaneous collaboration with Detroit Month of Design we are bringing you the LoveITDetroit exhibit. This exhibit is created with a new direction of active design, innovation and architectural exhibition like nothing Detroit has experienced before.

More Italy in Detroit. More Detroit in Italy. In highly experiential, collaborative, passion-fueled, multidimensional, multisensory, extraordinary ways. We’re curating magnificence in collaboration with some of the most spectacular Italian and Detroit brands, designers, and innovators today and we’re deep-diving into myriad design discussions that are sure to stimulate your creative and innovative imagination beyond the ordinary.

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Love IT Detroit

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