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When we speak about Automotive, we speak to more than just the concept, design, and build of a vehicle. Whether it's a high-end bespoke model that can carry you away or can simply carry your groceries, you'll see the impact of the Italians in all aspects of Automotive.

Many notable authorities consider Italy to be one of the leaders in automobile production both in Europe and around the world. With a background that started back in the 1880s, Italians have developed award-winning cars build for speed, durability, style, and function. From the early days of sportscar race wins to still being a key player in the design and technology integrations of today's vehicles, Italy remains a significant player in the industry. And Italian craftsmanship is there even where you least expect it. At Indy500 - one of America's great races - you'll discover that the chassis’ are Made in Dallara!

Battista Road Dynamic 11
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