The Meta Space experience will open on September 9th

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It's easy to do: simply click to enter the space

The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds accessed through a secure browser where users interact with people, products, services, experiences & more in real time, across distances, and in ways that were previously not possible.

One space, endless scenarios

The Metaverse is a parallel space to the physical world where users are free to move, interact and engage as they want - interact with others or technology, test drive a car, connect with a product by freely moing it around and learning about it, attend an event, collaborate with others, meet, talk, engage,and more.

technology head

A real and unique experience in a virtual world

The LoveITDetroit Metaverse experience, powered by AWS and Wedoo, is an immersive virtual environment that connects worlds, communities, brands and people. This creative and exciting engagement will take you to a much higher level of interaction than ever before possible. LoveITDetroit is the first brand experience to deliver these real-time immersive interactions for all to enjoy.

The Experience opens on September 9th!

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Love IT Detroit

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